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Strategy Overview

XLS Technologies Australia is an established Internet marketing company that employs "white hat" techniques and strategies in all of our Internet advertising campaigns. Every agency has different needs and therefore XLS does not offer "cookie cutter" solutions. You work with an assigned Internet advertising specialist to determine what would be best for your agency. The primary goals of all of our online advertising campaigns is to have your agency gain more visibility and to drive targeted traffic to your business. All of our Internet advertising services are aimed at providing your organisation with a strategic campaign that will give it the highest ROI possible.

Australia Internet Advertising Strategy

XLS Technologies Australia works with you to determine your audience. When deciding on your Internet advertising strategy it is important to know if you will be targeting a local audience or one on a national or international scale. A Local Internet advertising strategy by our standards would be a target audience anywhere within the Australia. Anything outside of this, we would determine to be an International search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign.


Developing an online advertising strategies that target online users nationally, in your state, or city requires specific techniques. A campaign that simply drives traffic is no good. More visitors does not equate to more revenue. XLS Technologies uses your Internet advertising budget wisely to drive targeted visitors to your website.



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International Internet Advertising Strategy

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XLS Technologies Australia understands what's involved in running a successful international Internet advertising campaign. International campaigns are extremely different than local campaigns, time intensive and very complicated. XLS Technologies knows what it takes to deploy such campaigns Backed by our parent international seo firm, our online advertising strategies, understanding of various search engines in respective countries, understanding of cultural differences and understanding on the role of government in regard to search engines in various countries, sets us apart from the possible handful of competitors we face with our international Internet advertising solutions.



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