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About Our PPC Services

XLS Technologies Australia provides PPC (CPC) management services for agencies wanting to increase traffic to their website. PPC advertising is typically run as a supplement to organic search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns, but not always. XLS works with you, your budget and your goals to determine if a PPC advertising campaign will be a viable and effective option.


Our expert team of PPC experts work with all the major engines, to include Google, Yahoo! and MSN. XLS Technologies Australia will create and design your landing pages, perform all keyword research and analysis, handle PPC bid optimisation and more.



PPC Bid Management

There is a reason why we offer PPC Bid Management services. Do you know what a negative keyword is? Do you know how to properly optimise landing pages? These are just a couple things you will need to know and understand and even when you do, you still need to do the work. XLS Technologies Australia is part of an International Corporation that provides PPC bid management services for local small business as well as large international corporations. XLS employs strategies that is unique and effective. We keep cost below average, quality scores above average, while driving countless numbers of targeted traffic to your website.


Designing and implementing a PPC solution improperly can have major adverse affects in others areas of your search engine marketing efforts. XLS Technologies Australia is here to build a campaign that works. If you have tried and failed before, it's time to hire a agency that knows what they are doing. XLS Technologies Australia is that agency.


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PPC Pros and Cons

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Pay per click (PPC) also known as cost per click (CPC) advertising has become one of the biggest forms of advertising in the history of the world. Due to overwhelming competition and ever changing rules, more money is typically spent on these campaigns than organic campaigns.


One big advantage to CPC solutions is faster results. You control placement and to a certain extent the level of traffic you will gain. Where organic campaigns can take months to develop substantial new visitors to a website, a CPC campaign will increase your online traffic within a few hours after launching the campaign. Gaining more targeted, high quality traffic is more easily obtained with these campaigns because you have more "immediate" control.


A major disadvantage; when you cease your CPC campaign, that traffic simply goes away.


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